Executive Director, Infrastructure Council and Director Legislative Relations |

The Infrastructure Council is a subgroup of the Chamber that focuses on increasing infrastructure investments in a strategic and thoughtful way to boost the overall business climate in Illinois. Our focus is on the public and private systems that are essential to Illinois businesses. This includes transportation systems including roads and bridges, railways (freight and public transit), commercial navigation, and airports. We also engage in policies impacting unseen infrastructure including water supply and treatment, utilities, pipelines, and communications networks. 

The Infrastructure Council was the source and main advocate of the 2016 Safe Roads or Lockbox constitutional amendment that passed with the support of over 79% of Illinoisans. In addition, the Infrastructure Council engages in a number of policy entities including holding leadership positions on the steering committee of the Illinois State Freight Advisory Committee, served on the Program Committee for the Connecting Cook County Long Range Transportation plan, and serves on numerous other advisory organizations. These organizations work on issues include transportation on our waterways, transit issues, and underground infrastructure such as pipelines and clean water.