Message from the Illinois Chamber Chairman: Ann Deters

As a long-time business owner and entrepreneur, I am pleased and honored to serve in the role as your Illinois Chamber Board Chairman. Throughout my career in various business sectors, I know what it means to develop a business base, foster a successful and motivated staff, and grow the bottom line.

I also know it can be exceedingly difficult for a business owner to watch and learn what is going on in the political and legislative arena. In spite of all the actions a business leader takes, political awareness most often takes a back seat to managing product and service development, operations, and payroll. Even for our larger members, who have departments that focus on this arena, it can be difficult to juggle it all.

We have become conscious, perhaps more now than in the past, of the importance of political, legislative, and regulatory awareness.

That is why your Illinois Chamber is so important and must be put in the same view as all business frameworks, such as D&O Insurance and cybersecurity. The Chamber of Commerce is something a business owner cannot be without, especially in Illinois.

As a member of the Illinois Chamber, you understand that information and interconnectivity make our world go round. The Chamber is a great way to stay on top of all subject matters that affect your organization.

If you have a need for workplace compliance training – look to your Illinois Chamber.

If you have a manager that needs training and a good foundation of new state laws – look to your Illinois Chamber.

If you have a specific piece of legislation you would like to learn more about or is causing you to wake up at 4 am – look to your Illinois Chamber.

If you are having issues navigating a permit of any kind or need to discuss how a specific tax is going to affect your business – look to your Illinois Chamber.

A dedicated panel of experts is at your fingertips – for You.

I could not be happier to be a part of an organization that has the back of Illinois Businesses and I firmly believe that Stronger Business means a Stronger Illinois – for everyone.

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