Dear Illinois Business Owners and Executives, 

I want to thank you for visiting our website. Having been a business owner, an executive in a large corporation, and an advisor to businesses of various sizes, I understand the importance of your roles as job creators and drivers of our state's economy. However, I also understand the challenges of running a business, which can make it difficult at times to engage in the civic process. Whether you're a small operation or a multi-billion-dollar global entity, you all deserve a prosperous business climate to thrive in. 

That's where the Illinois Chamber of Commerce comes in. Our goal is to be the voice of your business, so you can focus on driving commercial growth. There are three essential components to civic engagement for your business, and all three provide a support network and safety net, regardless of your business size. Local engagement is crucial, as 90% of civic engagement is local. Therefore, it's vital to be involved in your local chamber. You should also be involved in your specific trade association if one exists. Lastly, and most importantly, you should be involved in your state chamber. As the chamber of chambers, it's our responsibility to advocate for your business across the state and keep you informed of key issues that require your voice and activation. 

As a member of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, our value to you is defined by advocacy, knowledge, a supportive network, and being your voice when you need us. We look forward to continuing to provide value to our members, future members, and those who need us most. Thank you for allowing us to be your voice for Illinois Business! 



Lou Sandoval

President and CEO, Illinois Chamber of Commerce