Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group |

The Illinois Chamber has created the Environmental Affairs Committee, staffed by our affiliate environmental partner, Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group (IERG), to provide a one-stop shop for monitoring and impacting environmental issues. This committee will have access to information on emerging issues, participate in quarterly meetings on legislation and regulations, and tap into IERG resources to help facilitate inquiries and compliance questions.

The Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group is an Illinois non-profit corporation organized to promote and advance the interests of its members in matters involving environmental regulation. IERG’s members are companies doing business in Illinois that are engaged in industry, commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, trade, energy and transportation.

IERG’s mission is to:

  • Advocate members’ interests before governmental agencies, primarily the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Pollution Control Board

  • Negotiate environmental policies, laws and regulations as they are promulgated, administrated and implemented by the State of Illinois, and

  • Provide accurate and technically sound input early in the regulatory development and legislative processes to promote favorable outcomes for Illinois’ business community.

IERG is an affiliate of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and works cooperatively with the Chamber to produce positive results for the business community on legislative matters in the Illinois General Assembly.