In August, the Illinois Chamber is joining the US Chamber’s C_Tec for TecNation Chicago – an effort that leverages all assets of the Chamber to execute a variety of tactics that build, and sustainably grow, a positive echo chamber for technology and tech companies across the country.  Using a layered approach of policy, research, and education at the state and federal level, the TecNation campaign is designed to effectively counter the growing chorus of critics and strengthen the tech ecosystem heading into 2020. 

TecNation will engage the public about the positive personal aspects of data collection, how it is transforming people’s lives, and how they are empowered to use data to make life easier. As technology and data expand its impact on every sector of the economy, companies require a nimble partner that can keep pace and compete with the critics. 


8:00 am:             Registration opens

9:00 am:             Welcome

9:15 am:             The Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA): The Recent Explosion of Lawsuits in Illinois and How Businesses Can Reduce Legal Risk

10:10 am:            How Illinois Leaders are Closing the Skills Gap

10:40 am:            The Future is Physical: How IT Infrastructure is Tomorrow’s Most Vital Technology

11:10 am:            How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Workplace

11:30 pm:            Cannabis Technologies in a Post-Prohibition Illinois

11:40 pm:            The Need for Federal Data Privacy Legislation

12:00 pm:            Networking Lunch


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Tyler Diers | | 217-522-5512 ext. 296


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