2019 Workers Comp presentations

Thank you for attending the 2019 Workers Compensation & Safety Conference. Presentations are accessible for the attendees at the links below, along with links to the company websites for all presenters. These presentations will be available until March 30, 2020. 

General Session - Marijuana: Impact on Legislation in the Workforce by Shuaib Ahmed, ASA Law Group

Workshop Session 1, #1 - Best Tools for Defense: Strategic Use of IMEs, Record Reviews, Utilization Reviews, Impairment Ratings - by Jynnifer Cotharn and Mark Carter, Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd.

Workshop Session 1, #2 - Investigations in the Age of Geosocial Data by Michael Teti, DigiStream Investigations

Workshop Session 1, #3 - Defending Work Injuries . . . Before they Happen! by Surbhi Saraswat Goyal and Charles Maring, Brady Connolly & Masuda, P.C.

Workshop Session 2, #1 - Standardizing a Return to Work Protocol for Back Injuries in the Workplace by Dr. Brian Clay, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

Workshop Session 2, #2 - Impact and Implications of SB 1596 (Civil Action may be brought against Employer) - by John Campbell and Bradley Smith, Keefe Campbell Biery & Associates

Workshop Session 2, #3 - OSHA Obligations and workers Compensation in Illinois by Jeffrey Risch, SmithAmundsen, LLC

General Session - The Intersection of RX Opioids and Marijuana by Mark Pew, Preferred Medical