The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is offering compliance certification programs to recognize ongoing continuing education efforts and professional development in the areas of Human Resources Compliance, Workers’ Compensation and Safety Compliance and Management & Supervision Compliance.

Basic Requirements:

  • There is a $99 fee for enrolling in the certification program for tracking purposes. Program participants will pay the regular registration fee for each seminar or webinar(with discounts available for registering early and for membership in the Chamber). (The $99 enrollment fee will be waived for HR Members of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce)
  • Participants are under no legal contract to complete the certification requirements.
  • The Illinois Chamber maintains a  spreadsheet of credits for each participant; For recorded webinars, the participant will need to notify ILCC of their completion of the course.
  • Participants will receive newsletters and/or emails about qualifying seminars or webinars, stating the eligible courses and the numbers of available credits for each.
  • All Certification Program credits must be earned within 2 years.
  • Basic courses must be completed before beginning the Advanced level.


*All HR Members will have the registration fee waived with a coupon code provided at time of membership purchase. You will be contacted for payment due when we receive your form.  

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Registration for the Certificate Program is now open. Complete the form to register for your choice of programs.

Certificate Program Registration